How to whitelist an Email address

How to whitelist [email protected] to receive more on the latest training & Webinars as well as the latest cutting edge products.​

How to Whitelist in GMAIL

Gmail has recently implemented a new tab feature. To ensure that you continue to get your emails from Rob Thurnham, please follow these instructions to allow ​Rob Thurnham Emails to appear in your primary tab. Also, please create a filter to ensure that you receive every ​Rob Thurnham Email

How to add emails into the Primary tab in Gmail:

Log in to Gmail and go to the promotional tab.

Select any ​Rob Thurnham Email and drag it into the Primary folder.

As soon as you drag the email into the Primary folder, a message will appear asking to move all future mailings into the Primary tab, select yes.

Ensure delivery of every email by creating a filter in Gmail:

Choose the setting icon on the right hand side of Gmail

From the drop down choose “Settings:"

Select “Filter” from the navigation bar at the top of the page

Click create a new filter

Add this email address to the top input box labeled “From” address, ​[email protected]

Select these filter options:

1. Star It
2. Never Send it to Spam
3. Click Create Filter

After you click the “Create Filter” button, you’re done; thank you for ensuring delivery of your​ Rob Thurnham Email subscription.

How to Whitelist in YAHOO

To ensure that you continue to get your emails from ​Rob Thurnham, please add our email address to your Yahoo! Address Book.

In the top left corner under the Yahoo! Mail are button Icons.

Select the second from the left it should say “Contacts.”

Directly beneath the icon select “New Contact”. It will open an address book.

Simply add ​[email protected] and click on the button at the bottom that says, Save.

​ All done! 

How to Whitelist in OUTLOOK

To ensure that you continue to get your emails from Matt Garrett JV Partners, please add our email address to your Outlook Address Book.

In the upper right hand corner of your mail window click on the “Settings” icon. Then select “Options” from the drop down menu.

Next under “Preventing junk email”, click on “Safe and Blocked Senders.”

Click on Safe Senders.

Enter ​[email protected] in the space provided and click “Add to List.”

​That's it!