About Rob Thurnham

​From Arborist - Window Cleaner to Internet Marketer

Rob Thurnham Arborist

​I've worked very hard for most of my life.. A good part of that was working as an Arborist, leaving home before the sun got up, and returning home well after sunset.

A lot of the time we worked in the extreme heat of Australia and quite often the temps would reach 45c or above. We also worked in extreme terrain where ​other tree companies couldn't get cranes wood-chippers or EWP's in. To get the timber out would require serious manpower to shift it where it could be put on a truck or put through a wood-chipper.

I quite enjoyed the work when I was young as we would travel hundreds of kilometers sometimes to do the work and most of that time we would spend drinking. 


​In 1998 I met my beautiful wife Stella. She was visiting from the Cook Islands and stayed with some very close friends of my family. I knew she was the "one." and didn't want  her to get away. After a very short courtship, I asked her to marry me and in May of 1999, we were married. It was during this time that I realized my years of hard work & loyalty to the different tree companies I worked for was not being reciprocated. 

​I was finding it hard to pay the bills ( The job wasn't full-time and work would come and go) and missing out on a lot of quality time with my young family. I approached my employers and asked them for a pay rise or to put me on full-time, but my requests fell on deaf ears,  I started to look for work elsewhere. I knew that there was money to be made on the internet but I didn't have a clue on what to do.

During quiet times I did window cleaning occasionally, when I couldn't do the work my dad would take care of it for me when I had tree work on. During this time I learnt how to build Word-press websites and get number one organic rankings on Google for low competition keywords. So I left my tree job and never looked back. The money from my window cleaning business was great and some of our customers became like family. I built a website for the window cleaning business and ranked it number 1 on Google. We never had to pay for advertising and got miles of work from that website.

Rob Thurnham Internet Marketer

During the years that I had my window cleaning business, I continued to learn about online - affiliate marketing. I had many failures and some successes in all the different forms of affiliate marketing.

​What Advice can I give to you?

I​n short.... Never give up, do what it takes to keep you motivated and never give up on your dreams.​​​​ The online game is not as easy as the "Guru's" would have you believe. there is NO magic button... NO get rich quick schemes or whatever other term you can think of.

​Affiliate marketing requires hard work the same as anything else you want to be good at. Having said that surround your self with people that support you and motivate you, Stella is the only person who stood by me and supported me over the years through the many failures when all the naysayers were laughing and telling me, you'll never make it.


​Find what motivates you to help you become successful and also to endure the hard times. Here are some of the movies, songs and people that helped to motivate me and also get through the hard times.


  • Grant Cardone
  • Franklin Hatchett
  • ​Jono Armstrong


​A lot of different influences here:  Eminem was huge as he was an underdog (like Me) Lil Wayne and many others. My point here is if you put aside the expletives in this music and pay attention to what the lyrics are saying, you will find some awesome motivation in there.


The Score with Robert de niro & Edward Naughton

The Count of Monte Christo with Guy Pierce & Jim Caviezel  This is one of my all time favorite movies

I now live a truly blessed life with my family in the Cook Islands. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I really wish you all the best in your endeavours to make a full time income online.

Rob Thurnham​